How to make your own pasties

Yes, you too can stick tassels to your tits and spangle your mammaries, with our easy how-to guide!

You will need:

*Some kind of semi-stiff material (I use plain old light card, but you can use light foam, stiff milliners’ mesh, even felt if you like)

*Backing fabric

*Front fabric

*Glue (I use Bostik, but hot glue or any general purpose adhesive will do too)

*Double-sided tape


*Tassels, sequins, etc.

*Grommet kit

*Thin ribbon

*A compass and ruler

First cut a piece of card that is big enough to cut two circles out of. The circles should be the diameter of your areole, plus a bit extra, say, an extra 5mm to the radius.

Next, cover your card on both sides with double-sided tape. Peel off the backing on one side.

Stick your backing fabric on and smooth flat.

Draw on the circles for your pasties. Draw a little wedge on each (same size on each circle).

Cut out the wedges but not the entire circle.

Peel off the backing from the remaining double-sided tape and stick on your front fabric. Smooth flat.

Cut out the circles, but leave the exposed wedge of front fabric intact.

Cut the front fabric along one side of the wedge and then trim as shown.

Glue the hem to the back of the pastie.

Put some glue on top of the hem you glued in the last step. Form your circles into cones and then, depending on what kind of glue you’ve used, take a couple of nipple cla… er, clothes pegs, and hold them in place until the glue sets.

Brief interlude

When the glue is dry, take off the pegs and glue your sequins on around the edge.

Make holes in the centres.

Use a grommet kit to put eyelets in the holes. I had to cut my grommet thing in half because the pasties were too wide to fit. This made things difficult and the eyelets are slightly wonky. Oh well.

Thread your tassels through and tie with a ribbon.

Et voila! Stick ’em on your tits.

Now go make a shitload more! Pasties for every occasion! You may notice that some of these don’t have eyelets. For those I just threaded the tassel through and glued it into place and put a bit of lace over the glue to pretty it up.


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3 thoughts on “How to make your own pasties

  1. abichica says:

    looooooooooooollllll!!! i will definitely try this.. 😀

  2. conbonjovi says:

    What kind of adhesive is used to stick them on to the nipple?

  3. ouchies says:

    double-sided tape or eyelash glue work quite well. Double sided tape if you’re just posing. Eyelash glue if you’re performing in them.

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